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Welcome to REAL Zone - the home of extracurricular activities that run outside of REAL School Budapest's school hours, so before 9:00 and after 15:30, from Monday to Friday. This is a space and a community where we learn the skills and mindsets needed to change our world for the better, mainly through play, arts, crafts, and movement.  And have fun.

Are you looking for summer camps? Check out our Young Changemakers summer camps 2023 here.

Please read through our Terms and conditions. Activities offered by REAL School educators and community members are free to REAL School learners, except for minimal materials fees. By signing up, you commit that - unless cancelled during the taster week - your child will attend the enrichment(s) for the whole term. Please fill out a separate form for each child.

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for RSBP students


for external students

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with Bence

ages 6-15

HUF 26,000/term

min 6 - max 13 children/session

Monday 15:45-16:45

divided into age groups

Aikido is a wonderful martial art for children and teens. It is a non-violent, non-competitive martial art which focuses on harmonious body movement and balance control rather than destructive striking techniques for self-defence. It is a form of self-defence based on the study of “connection”. Children learn respect for themselves and their classmates, self-discipline, and confidence.



with Hanna G.

ages 6-12

HUF 5,000/session for REAL School students

HUF 5,500/session for external students

min 5 - max 12 children/session

Monday 15:45-16:45 - CURRENTLY FULL


Chess is great for children's development because it exercises both sides of the brain. Through exploring a lot of “if this, then-that” scenarios, children develop logic, critical thinking, and creativity. Our chess teacher is Hanna Krisztina. She is a 3-time Rapid European champion, Hungarian Women's Championship silver medal and U20 Hungarian Women Champion. She's currently training to qualify for the Olympics team and eager to put your children's logical thinking to the test.



with Zita

ages 6-10

free for REAL School students

HUF 2,000/session for external students

max 8 children/session

Thursday 15:45-16:45​ - CURRENTLY FULL

Come and join the Coding programme if you would like to find out more about the exciting world of computer programming. You will be working on your logical thinking and problem-solving skills through various challenges. All you need is an open mind, a positive attitude and a can-do spirit. 

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Dance  - Freed and Fulfilled

with Zoltán Grecsó (!!!)

ages 6+

HUF 3,000/session for REAL School students

HUF 3,500/session for external students

min 7 children/session

Tuesday 15:45-16:45​

Children will get to experience the joy of movement and discovery while improving their creativity and coordination skills. The movement-based experiential pedagogical activities provide a fun and engaging way to develop self-awareness, body awareness, and cognitive abilities. By actively participating in dancing and movement, children will improve their attention, spatial awareness, sense of time, and ability to connect with others. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance their learning processes and explore the endless possibilities of dance.



with Yuliia

ages 12+

free for REAL School students

HUF 2,000/session for external students

max 10 children/session

Thursday 15:45-16:45

Beware that this enrichment may result in you losing your argument with your child more often. But also rest assured that they will dramatically improve their oral skills, note-taking and research abilities, critical thinking and self-confidence. They will become increasingly well-informed about global affairs and learn to be a great team player.

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DIY Panda

with Olga and Panni F.

ages 6-15

HUF 2,000/month for REAL School students

HUF 2,500/session for external students

min 3 - max 12 children/session

Tuesday 15:45-16:45

Our educators, Olga and Panni, are starting a creative Arts & Crafts programme. Let's unleash the children's creativity by teaching them about felting, drawing on stones, origami, weaving, beading and more!


gardening & nature

with Carmelo and David

ages 6-15

HUF 4,000/term for REAL School students

HUF 2,000/session for external students

min 3 - max 7 children/session

Monday 15:45 - 16:45

Have you ever thought about growing your veggies?

This enrichment provides an excellent way for children to learn about gardening through hands-on experiences. Reasoning, discovery, cooperation and responsibility will be at the heart of the programme. The ultimate goal of this enrichment is to produce greens and vegetables that serve the community. Do you accept the challenge?



with Krisztina

ages 8+, for native speakers only

HUF 2,500/session for REAL School students

HUF 3,000/session for external students

min 5 - max 10 children/session

Wednesday 15:45 - 16:45


Children will acquire the skills to communicate with the Hungarian community and gain a basic understanding of the wonders of Hungarian culture. For our Hungarian native speakers, the main goals are to improve the students' writing skills, as well as to light their fires for reading in Hungarian.


mental arithmetic

with BrainoBrain

ages 7-15, for REAL School students who completed the first part of the training only

HUF 10,000/session

Wednesday 15:30-17:00

Maths! In this programme, children will go through the Brainobrain skill development course based on the principles of Abacus calculations. The course provides a solid learning foundation for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and works to improve problem-solving and logical reasoning abilities, sharpen concentration and listening skills and help develop confidence and self-esteem. It stimulates young minds using Abacus and mental arithmetic in a way which children find engaging and fun.



with Hilda

ages 8+

HUF 3,000/session for REAL School students

HUF 3,500/session for external students

min 6 - max 8 children/session

Monday 15:45-16:45

The term "origami" is of Japanese origin and means "paper folding." This wonderful art is available to anyone from childhood to old age. While having fun, children will also develop memory, spatial awareness, precision, patience, and creativity. They will learn to fold many beautiful models, from simple to complex, and personalize them according to their taste. The crane is origami's symbol - which, according to legend - brings luck, blessings, and fulfilment. Have fun with origami!


OutSIDE play

with Sierra

ages 6-15, for REAL School students only


min 4 - max 12 children/session

Wednesday 15:45-16:45 - CURRENTLY FULL

Why not make the best of this good weather and the open space right outside our door? Especially when it's not just free play but actually structured activities where fitness and play intertwined.​ Children will learn important skills and physical abilities through play, while exposure to nature and physical activity outdoors improves their well-being.


Pottery barn

with Panni H.

ages 6-15

HUF 5,000/session

max 10 children/session

Wednesday 15:30-17:00 - CURRENTLY FULL

Thursday 15:30-17:00

How amazing is it to be able to create any ceramic object that you wish? Tégla Studio will help the children throughout the process: create, clean, paint, fire and glaze. Just wait until they bring their ceramic masterpiece home! The children will work exclusively with white clay. They also don’t need to bring anything as the studio has all the necessary tools.


Roots and shoots

with Bori

ages 8+

free for REAL School students

HUF 2,000/session for external students

min 2 - max 10 children/session

Wednesday 15:45-16:45

The Roots & Shoots programme (part of the global Jane Goodall Institute's Roots & Shoots program) is open to all ages, for children who enjoy being outside, feel passionate about working on projects, inspiring them to implement practical positive change for plants, animals and the environment. They will be learning about these topics through films, spending time outdoors and planning and carrying out projects to encourage compassion and positive change for the planet and at the same time, our community.


Running and biking

with Barna and Yuliia

children & adults, for REAL School community only


Tuesday & Friday 8:00 - 9:00

What better way to start the day than to run or bike around Óbudai Island right next to our school? The huge green area along the Danube will definitely give you energy for the whole day. You can choose between the short and the long trail - 6 or 10 km. We will make sure to be back before school starts.


Vegan Cooking

with Bara

ages 6-15

HUF 3,000/session for REAL School students

HUF 3,500/session for external students

max 10 children/session

Tuesday 15:30 - 17:00 - CURRENTLY FULL

Do you like cooking and baking? No, we should start like this: do you love snacks and sweets? This enrichment is a playground to experiment with food, ingredients and flavours. Bara will get together exciting and colourful themes for each week, with time and space for you to see through the cooking process and choose your part in it. Then play. Then eat. And just enjoy. :)



with Hanna B.

ages 8+

free for REAL School students

HUF 2,000/session for external students

min 2 - max 7 children/session

Thursday 15:45-16:45


Yoga equips your children with easy techniques to help counter the stress of living in a hurry-up world. Physically, it enhances their flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. In addition, their concentration and sense of calmness and relaxation improve. Doing yoga, children exercise, play, connect more deeply with the inner self, and develop an intimate relationship with the natural world surrounding them.


for RSBP students


for external students

other enrichments


Table Tennis

with David

ages 7-14, for REAL School students only

HUF 1,500/session

currently not open for new members

The table tennis programme is led by David - our coach and professional table tennis player. There is much more to this game than just having fun, learning a new sport and moving. Through play, students learn what respect, hard work, development and commitment mean. These skills are fundamental in other aspects of our lives too and this is the reason we are taking table tennis so seriously. 



with Attila

ages 6-14

REAL School offers individual and group music lessons for our learners. Currently, these are not part of the REAL Zone.


Learning and mastering the art of playing the guitar can be beneficial for your child in plenty of ways: teaching self-discipline, enhancing confidence and creativity, and boosting overall brain development. Apart from the element of fun, children can learn different styles of playing the guitar, along with different music genres, and song combinations.

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Past enrichments

Below are the enrichments we have had in the past. If the minimum sign-up number is met, these can be reinstated.


Musical theatre

Micro gardening





Role-playing games (RPG)



REAL Zone is located at REAL School Budapest, at Graphisoft Park in Óbuda, in the 3rd district of Budapest. You can catch the HÉV, and buses 34, 106 and 134 to Kaszásdűlő with public transport. 


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Thank you for your interest!

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