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Updated on 17 January 2023

  • “Participants” means REAL School students or external children registered for a REAL Zone activity. “Parents” also refer to guardians or other legal representatives of the participants.

  • Registrations are considered based on a first come first serve basis. Exceptions can be considered with individual cases when participants attended the club during the previous term and would like to continue in the current term.

  • Registration to a club is a commitment for one whole term. In case of absence or withdrawal, no refund will be made even in case of a student leaving the school.


  • Activities offered by REAL School educators and community members are free to REAL School students, except for minimal material costs.


  • Activities taking place on REAL School premises are invoiced to the parents by REAL School during the first month of the term.

  • In the event of non-payment of the invoice by the due date, the participant may be suspended from the activity.


  • Activities taking place outside of REAL School premises are invoiced to the parents directly by the Club facilitator.

    • The club facilitator has to agree to and follow the REAL School safeguarding procedures and requirements. 

    • The parents have to agree and sign the liability waiver.


  • REAL School behaviour policy applies during the Clubs.

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